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Langfeldt Law, PLLC.


business law

Langfeldt Law vigorously represents each client’s interests in all aspects of a transaction in an efficient and practical manner.

Langfeldt Law represents start-ups and small to mid-size businesses in all stages of their life cycle, from incorporation, ongoing general counsel services and ultimate winding down.

Services includes assisting clients in choosing and forming the proper business entity to meet their goals, whether it is a Washington corporation, limited liability company, professional limited liability company or a partnerships. Langfeldt Law also prepares governance documents, including shareholder agreements, bylaws, operating agreements and various contractual agreements necessary for a business.

Langfeldt Law also assists clients in understanding and meeting their governance duties and obligations, including advising clients regarding hiring employees and associated reporting requirements, general corporate counsel services, such as drafting and negotiating contracts as well as transitioning to the next generation.

Addtional practices include NonProfit Law and Tax Law.